Houston Yoga Centers

Yoga is perhaps India's greatest contribution to the West.

Yoga is a cheap way to good health.

The best part of Yoga is that it takes little time.

Americans have embraced Yoga with an enthusiasm unmatched by any other non-Indian ethnic group.

Like most large American cities, Houston too has several Yoga training centers.

  • Houston Iyengar Yoga Studio
    1210 W Clay, #19
    Houston, TX 77019
    Ph: 713-527-9100

  • Iyengar Yoga Association of South Central Texas
    1427 W. Alabama St
    Houston, TX 77006
    Ph: 713-529-4016
  • Yoga Center of Houston
    2438 South Blvd
    Houston TX 77098
    Ph: 713-524-4572